Sunday, 2 March 2014

NYX's candy

Hey there again,
So the products which I shall be reviewing in this post were purchased a while ago, just when NYX opened their first shop in Sliema, Malta.
Everyone who is beauty and blogger conscious was really hyped about their shop opening.
I have 4 products to review in all :

1) Eyebrow Pencil 937: Silver Glitter
This was a free gift which NYX was giving on the first week of the shop's opening....( if one spends more than a certain amount) To be honest I used it once as a highlight for my inner tear duct. This is because glitter is not my cup of tea.

2) Jumbo Eye Pencil 615: Slate
I wanted to get the famous Jumbo eye pencil in Milk but they were sold out when I went. :(  Nevertheless I love the the colour I got- it is like a charcoal grey , has a shimmery consistency and is great for blending or using it as a base.
3) Jumbo Lip Pencil 709: Deep Red 
This was a bit of a let down as you simply cannot use this product on it's own. This is because it can be removed way easily. My opinion would be to use it as a lip liner or a lip filler than apply a coat using another lip stick product. 

4) Liquid Black Liner 06: 
This is such an amazing eyeliner. It is honestly my favorite eyeliner at the moment and I use it pretty much everyday. You can easily use it to make a cat-eye if one wants to. Another point is that if some type of foundation/concealer is used before applying this eyeliner, your look can last you throughout the day.

The below picture shows some swatches of the products I just reviewed. They are in the order in which I talked about above.

Thanks for reading and hope you found this post useful,
Take care

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Thanks! :)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

-Body Shop Raid-

Hey there guys,

I know it's been a while since I blogged but I was really busy with exams and uni in general. 
Today I'm going to review some Body Shop products which I had gotten for Christmas.. 

These are 3 Body butters (50ml) each. They come in 3 flavours (respectively) :

1) Coconut Body Butter (8/10)
2) Chocomania Body Butter (9/10)
3) Shea Body Butter (8/10)

My absolute favorite is number 2...the chocomania one. It smells like amazing chocolate which I want to eat.  If you are a chocoholic then you'r going to love this product. A thing which I noticed though is that number 2 has a different consistency than number 1 and 3. Number 1 and number 3 are softer than the chocomania body butter. They are all good moisturizers and leave your skin feeling softer then ever. 

This is from the same chocomania line but in lip butter form. Warning: In my opinion this product isn't for everyone's taste. For me (who happens to be a chocoholic) it is heaven on earth....but for others who aren't that knee on chocolate this may not be your cup of tea. 

This is a 30ml eau de toilette in 'Satsuma/ Clementine'. This isn't my favorite perfume ever and again it's not for everyone's taste as it has a really strong, concentrated smell of oranges. All in all I still like this product, and I'm still using it as my everyday perfume. I give this a 6/10.

This is also from the chocomania line and this is the shower cream. It literally smells and feels like molten chocolate or nutella. It is a good skin moisturizer and I give this product a 7.5/10 

Take care 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

-A wardrobe reflection-

Do women dress for men?

This question came to my mind as I was dressing to go to university.
As the title suggests, i was thinking: do women dress for other men, for other women, for themselves or just for the sheer fact that they actually need to be clothed otherwise jail is their new home.

I just need to make it clear that this blog is not written to offend anyone in any way. It is just a 'reflecting' blog on such an issue. I must also add that I am talking about the average as there are some men who I give a huge thumbs up as they were just born to style! (something which I like to associate with my made up adjective -rareism...)

Ok so let's start from the beginning... why did this question come to my mind at around 7.30 on a Monday morning? Well as I was dressing and deciding and questioning my choice in clothes, I decided to wear my favorite scarf ever! 

In my previous blog : I have some pictures of it. 
This is seriously my fav scarf ever.... iv owned it for around 3yrs now and it's still making my top list from my scarf collection.

A funny story about this scarf, which actually triggered me to write this post is this: Around a year ago (yes why do I remember such trivial stuff yet when it comes to studying it's the opposite) a friend of mine (a guy) approached me and commented on my scarf ' My god why are you wearing such a's so huge and big ' and I just blinked at him and told him 'well it actually happens to be my favorite scarf - so sod off'  (I didn't actually tell him to sod off :P ) 
Now this scarf had actually gotten a lot of positive comments by a female audience which got me thinking...and eventually led this blog to be written. 

Ok so were where we I basically classify people into 4 :

1) People who enjoy dressing for themselves and have a particular sense of style. (I'm guessing most of my audience would be like this as you're here reading about fashion :D) 

2) Girls who just dress up for other men. (tight dresses,boobs exploding out of tank tops- you get the picture) 

3) People who just don't give a damn what they're wearing.

4) People who wear appropriate clothes in the weekend but don't give a damn what they wear the rest of the week.

So basically that's it...Comment down below for your opinion on such an issue :) 
Thanks for viewing! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Anatomical madness!

Hi guys,

I'm so excited...anatomical is finally in Malta!! So for those who do not know what 'anatomical' even's basically a beauty company that sells products that range from face creams, lip care and even something for those of you who won't say no to a bit of fake tanning!

So I ordered my stuff yesterday and today,yes today (was so impressed with the service) I received a small paper bag with my goodies in it. They even put in a free product in.
I come from a background of design, so naturally one of the first things that I take note of is the design of the package. I have to say their design is exquisite! Simple bold colors and some creative words and voila a product which sells good!

So enough citt chatter and the product review actually starts here :  

 This is all I'v got.
Most of the products I didn't have the chance to try them out yet.
In the next picture you'l see :

1) The 'eye cream, you scream we all scream for eye cream' which is a regenerating eye cream (if that wasn't obvious enough). I just tried it out for you guys(also for my curiosity) and it's a very soothing and leaves your eye lids feeling very soft. The cream is whitish which turns immediately to transparent when used.

2) The 'never lose your cherry' lip balm. Ahhh I love this lip balm! Apart from it saving your lips from the horrible Maltese sun ( ie it has SPF 15) it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft whilst still giving a little bit of colour to them. (reddish/cherry tint color) It is also a tad shiny. This baby is definitely going to be an everyday essential before I go out.

3) The 'snog me senseless' breath freshener. This was the freebie that Anatomicals gave me. I used it and it tastes like mint and leaves you with a nice breath :)

I also bought 2 masks. I'm usually not the mask type person but I wanted to give them a go!

4) 'look you've got chocolate all over your face' - anti-stress face mask. I was so excited as this is a chocolate mask and I'm a guilty chocoholic!

5) ' farewell the scarlet pimplehell' - deep cleansing mud mask.

Last 2 products on my list : 

6) 'oi you throbhead'- headache relief balm. I've read some reviews about this and I just had to try it! I get headaches quite often, mostly due to stress and to be honest I'm not the type of person who takes a painkiller as soon as I get the headache. I usually wait and if the headache worsens than I give up and usually take a Panadol (1 panadol from the blue category-not red

7) '8 out of sex kittens don't prefer whiskers'- shave cream. Obviously this isn't for me :) This is from their men section named 'manatomicals'. This thing smells really good ! - just like a guy should smell like

If you want to try out these products than I suggest you take a look at their facebook page and website:

That's all for today :) I hoped you enjoyed the review and please leave a comment down below if you tried/ have any questions about these products!

Take care :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

EOS Madness

Good evening boys and girls...
..ok I guess I should assume that my audience is mostly female oriented since my topics don't usually involve a ball and several humans running after it (a.k.a as football or soccer). Mind you I know alot of guys who actually detest football or just couldn't be bothered..
Right now im loving the weather here in Malta as it has been almost a full week of cloudy skies, a nice breeze and rain rain rain!! I just love rain...a thing which we do not have a lot here in Malta and one of the many reason why I love to travel.

Sooo I should probably get down to the main topic of this blog... that is the EOS brand. I heard alot about it from some beauty gurus on You Tube and when my mum told me that she was going abroad to meet her sister in the U.S I immediately thought about asking her to get me some products from this brand. I never bought these from the internet as the postage wasn't really worth it and also I don't like buying make up from ebay.

When she came back and gave me a small bag full of EOS goodies I really was excited!!

 This is my favorite of them all! It is called Summer Fruit and I just really want to eat it !

This is Strawberry Sorbet...It also smells some sort of mixture between strawberies and lemon.

I haven't tried this one out yet-infact you can still see the wrapping...I know this may sound silly but the reason for this is because I didn't want to open them all at once.... The name for this lippy is Honeysuckle Honeydue...and what a pretty name! 

This is Lemon Drop and it has SPF 15 which is ideal for the scorching sun of Malta.
Sidenote: Did you know that skin cancer can start off from the lips?...and lip gloss can be a cause!! 

 These are hand lotions...The green one is my absolute favorite. It smells of nice, fresh cucumber and in fact is named Cucumber. The blue one is okay I guess..It is named Fresh Flowers.....but if you'r considering buying one of these I urge you to buy the green one! Also another side note...the bottle does not contain a lot of product which is a bummer :/

And here they are ...the 4 pretty ladies :) 

My mum was such a dear and she bought me 2 of each :)
Soo I guess that's all for today folks...
Take care and for those Maltese who are just loving the weather right now Happy Weather!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Bag Story

Bags, bags and oh well bags...
So it's been a while now...and i've been putting off blogging for a long time..well for almost a year now... Today,though ,enough's enough's and voila' i'm on my laptop writing this blog (enough procrastinating promise)..

So enough chitter chatter (or however one writes chitter chatter)..
This blog is dedicated to my favorite/special bags which I own.

The above bag is actually older than I am! It is a clutch which my mother used to own when she was around my age...She was going to throw it away until I saw it and scolded her for just
THINKING about throwing it away. Not only is this bag vintage, but it's also made out of leather.

So basically this is a Fossil bag and I got it from the U.S as a present. To be honest I don't wear this bag on everyday basis as the strap is quiet annoying but I just love the quirky pattern it possesses.

This is a Nine West Bag which is my favorite bag ever. I guess it makes it on my top list as the size is perfect for me and, as white is a neutral colour I can match it with a lot of outfits. Needless to say I got this bag on sale as the price for any Nine West items is sky high.

This is a clutch from Dorothy Perkins. I have not worn this bag once, since I did not have any particular occasion to wear it to. I did however lend it to a friend and she wore it to a graduation. my final bag which is on my list is the following floral, Accessorize Bag. This is also one of my favorites' as the size is perfect and the floral pattern can be really worked into many outfits...believe it or not!

So that's all folks...for today :)
Message me if you have any queries on where one could buy these bags...except the first one of course :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mad colours and Sun..

Heyy guys,

It's summer!! It's so hot right now here in Malta...This post I'm going to dedicate it to recent stuff I bought for summer and the beach :) There's going to be a lot of bright colors which im so into right now!

My First Aldo shoes :D .... Im so happy with these as I got them for only 25e which is a pretty good price for Aldo...

This is a present and was brought from Claire's...Im soo into green right now :D

I got the following 2 purses on Sale from Next for only 5e each!!

The following is a top which I bought from Mango...and again I got it on Sale :D

Here one can see 2 rings....which are actually handmade.... one of them is mine and the other is my friend's Marcette...

That's it for today :)
Bye Bye